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Hello, I am Stavros from Greece

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Hello everyone,

I am Stavros, I am from Greece and also live in Greece!

All the previous years I was working as Hardware/Software/Database Engineer and more recently I moved to Business intelligence direction as Product Architect for Automotive Industries. My father is holding a local workshop in Greece, so, from my childhood until now I am surrounded by cars and now my next passion is to start tuning cars. I have tuned some cng/lpg cars running with BRC, LOVATO, ULTAGAS, etc and obviously, my next challenge is to get started with petrol/diesel cars by reflashing OEM ECUs.

By watching only one lesson here in HPA, I immediately understood how all the maps are connected, which maps is necessary to be changed and also tuning with safety. I am planning to take more lessons as these courses are excellent.

I believe that my passion for programming can be helpful as I am very interested in creating protocols to communicate through ECU. For example, I am holding Alientech Tools(not OEM) and I would like to add communication protocols myself and map definition files as well.

Hey Stavros, welcome along! I am glad you found our lessons helpful. With your background in engineering and your knowledge you should have no problem adapting to tuning cars. Check out our tuning courses, they have all the information to get you started. We would love to see how you get on with creating the protocols and map definitions, Be sure to let us know.

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