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Hey, from Canada

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My name is Evan, im from calgary alberta, canada. My last car was a 2jz powered s14 making 500 whp, but parted it out to get onto something new. The current project is an 3rd gen rx7. Mild porting, stock twins, apexi powerFC, for now. I just want a mild street car.

I have been building custom efi setups, harnesses, and turbo kits for lots of local guys here, for around 6 years or so. Finally getting into

the tuning aspect of things.

Making plans at the moment to buy a Mainline 2wd600L dyno, same as Andre uses. Very excited at this point.

I hope to help out in the forums as much as my knowledge can help. I have great experience with Haltech, and Megasquirt.

Thanks for looking guys! see you in the forums

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That's a very tidy build. Welcome to the forum.

What ecu did you use with the JZ?

I was running that car on a haltech ps2000. Very pleased with haltech overall. Been playing with alot of megasquirt lately, and having good results with them as well. My dyno go to guy here in calgary runs a megasquirt ms3x on his 2jz powered s13, running 8.7 seconds in the quarter! (=

That's not bad going at all, there's a rotary specialist here in the UK that likes their MS systems too, might be worth you speaking with if you plan to go down that route on your dorito, Triple B. Their demo car is an FC triple rotor turbo last I seen, all dialed in on Megasquirt

Ive been tossing the idea around to megasquirt it, but ill probably do it next year. That will allow me to ditch the factory coilsand go with LS coils as well. Im not sure weather i will keep the twins next year, which will make it even easier. This is why i chose the powerFC for this year, it controls the twins like factory, and lessens the wiring load. Plus, i have a dataloggit laying around anyway.

I have another neat little project, but it probably wont get love for a few years. I have a 4agze powered mr2 (aw11). Previous owner started twincharging it and gave up. Its got a ct26b on it, as well as the factory supercharger. I plan to rebuild the motor as it sat for 10 years, and then wire in an ms3X to run the show. I will be running a 400 hp water to air core, with a small radiator under the car to cool it since its transverse. I had also considered putting the heat exchanger on the engine cover...but we will see. I will be feeding the turbo with the supercharger, and then be kicking the charger out and a bypass valve opening to allow the turbo to breathe from a separate filter. Should be a neat little project! So much on the go

I'd love an aw11, there's never any good ones in the UK, they're all rotten. Be sure to start a build thread on that one!

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