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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hello from not so sunny England!

My names Ben , I live in the north east of England .

I've been a member for a good few months now and find the HPA an awesome source of tonnes of info.

I've been mad on cars and motorbikes since childhood and love working on my many projects in the workshop.

I'm currently studying the starter course and looking forward being able to tune my latest project - a v1 impreza wrx.(pic attached)

Cheers everyone !!

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Welcome to HPA, I'm just up the road from you!

very clean looking classic, which ECU are you using?

Cheers Chris. Where abouts are you?

I haven't bought an ecu yet, I was thinking about going down the esl route.

But have also been looking at the link G4+ and the simtek systems.

All the money so far though has gone into turning an old tatty Impreza into the one you see in the pic .

I'm just across the border in Scotland. The ESL is a great bang for buck ECU, the motorsport features for the V1/2 board should be released soon as currently it's only available for V3/4.

It'd either be Link or ESL if it was up to me, the SIMTEK last I checked was based on a GEMS ECU and it overly complex for what most people need and the support from GEMS is shocking at best

Thanks for that bit info chris .

When you say the motorsport features for the esl, what isn't available for the v1/2 compared to the v3/4?

I've just looked on the site, didn't realise the whole motorsport pack wasn't available for v1/2 yet.

I'll send them an email and see when they're rolling it out .

Thanks for bringing that to my attention

I know the guy who runs the company is getting constantly asked Bout the motorsport packs on the v1/2, he's still not have out a release date yet.

When would you be looking to buy?

Hi again Chris, I'm hoping to buy around the new year/ early next year.


Fingers crossed they've released the motorsport packs for you then

Hi everyone! I know I'm reviving a really old thread but I'm in the ESL boat now and I was wondering how did it go... cheers

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