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I am Nondas, a.k.a Armaki, I am Greek and I live in Germany. I am a Mech Engineer, currently working in automotive turbo development.

I have being rallying the last 15 years, and have taken part in 2 FSAE projects during the university days (Zac, you are right, that's the best engineering lab ever!)

Family business in cars and rallying have left me with a soft spot for anything with wheels and an engine on and I am now working on upgrading some of our Nissan rally cars with new standalone ECUs.

I am already enjoying how HPA is offering broad, condensed, "hands-on" and understandable knowledge and I hope it go on the same way.


Hello Νοντα !! Im olso greek :)

Hello Κώστα, good to know!

Hi Epameinodas,

Welcome to HPA, are you allowed to share what ecu the rally cars are running?


We are using Nissan Micras k11 1.3 for gravel rallying, currently running on some old Pectels made by NME 25 years ago for those cars and I plan to switch to an Elite 1500, which offers a plug in option. The cars have increased CR pistons and uprated cams making around 120bhp very reliably and the target is around 140, but always limited by the group A rally regulations.

On tarmac rallies we use a Nissan Micra 160SR, which for the moment is pretty stock, but the plan is to be upgraded also. I have already tried a couple of unsuccessful remaps, so most likely this will also get a standalone ECU too. If the Elite works well on the gravel cars, it is a good option for this car too, with the oem vvt and ebw systems still on.

Here's hoping the Elite works out for you, there's nothing worse than jumping between tuning systems between cars when you're aiming to gain a second better than before

That's true, that's exactly my target. To keep it same between the cars, at first at least..

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