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Jacob Mercer from SC, USA. Reviving a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD

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Hi guys, glad to be here. Me and my wife are pooling all our collected parts over years into our last remaining DSM and bringing it back to life. I have had a DSM ever since I bought one for my first car. Built my own and built some for others from stock 2.0s to dohc swapped 2.4 to dohc swapped 2.4 full built long rod engine pushing conservative 28 psi out of a 82mm turbo with 288 cams.

The Talon for now will be a stock dohc swapped 2.4 with an Evo 8 MR turbo and custom exhaust with a trans built with mostly 1990 awd trans parts for added strength. It has volk metal craft rear toe arms, DG spec custom coilovers with koni yellows, ECM link engine management, and various other mods.

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looking great cool project. we certainly hope we can help

Welcome to Hp Academy

Good stuff. Love 2GB Talons.

Well its actually an early 2ga just with the 2gb front bumper but either way thank you. I love the 2Gs

Nice car

Thanks Dion, I love it

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