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New DSM and Evo enthusiast (san diego CA)

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my name is Amner, I sign up to learn how to tune my car. I drive a 95 eagle talon tsi awd, 05 lancer evo 8 and 2015 evo x final edition. evo 8 and evo x are completely stock.

eagle talon

rebuild stock 7 bolt engine with head and main ARPs,

750 cc rc injectors

Aeromotive A1000 FPR

walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/ rewire kit

precission turbo 6266 journal bearing

44mm Tial wastegate

HAN racecraft FMIC


3 inch straight pipe w/ apexi n1 exhaust

ECMLINK v3 full

maxtow coolant temp gauge

maxtow oil press gauge

maxtow oil temp gauge

AEM wideband wired to ecmlink on rear o2

AEM boost gauge

battery relocated to the trunk

aluminum radiator

2100 pressure plate w/ 6 puck disck

stock trans

running on stock MAF sensor which will later run on speed density but first i want to try to tune it with the maf and then learn the speed density. My goal is to make anywhere from 300-350 wheel hp, I know the turbo is huge for what i want but thats what i came across when building it. I want to stick to that hp range because i only want to run on 91 octane because im gonna daily drive the car and don't want the hassle to be looking for e-85 or race gas every 200 miles. Hope to meet more DSMERs and help to reach my goal.

Thank you

G'day Amnerhernandez, great to have you on the board. I'm also a Mitsy fan, although my tastes tend toward their older vehicles. I really wish they'd done a RHD version of the Eclipse / Talon. Such a good body shape! From my understanding they're pretty similar to a Galant VR4 on the running gear side of things, but I'd prefer a sleek 2 door coupe body.

Making 300-350 wheel HP on 91 octane gas is going to be a bit of an uphill battle, is there no easily available higher octane fuel near where you live?

E85 is the only better fuel we can get in California. Sometimes on the military bases you can get race fuel but nothing that is always around.

we do higher octanes, but 91 is the highest pump gas

Hi Amner,

Welcome to HPA.

Thank You

Welcome. Since Ecmlink supports a ghetto flex fuel I highly recommend utilizing it. That being said your power goal is quite possible on 91 solely due to the size turbo you have. Creative boost curves will get you there.

Using better fuel is always an better option. Trying to make big power on any standard pump gas is a recipe for disaster. That said once upon a time I daily’d and drag races my 6bolt 2g on 93 oct at 32psi for a couple of years. Any more boost and the head would lift. Which I did at least 50 times.

I attribute my entire career and knowledge to the 4g63. If it weren’t for that platform and the ability to fix my tuning mistakes as I learned I wouldn’t have the career I do now.

Another viable option that is a very good one is direct port methanol setup. A company call prometh.com makes fitting this very simple.

If there is anything I can help you with feel free to email me at tuning@turtletooned.com

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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