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New member in the U.K.

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Hi guys, thought best to introduce myself.

My names Jesse and I'm from the uk. I've basically taught myself everything I know and put that into practice on my track car. After recently building my first forged engine I've decided to take the plunge and tune it myself. This I couldnt teach myself so I've been learning through HPA. I'm quietly confident I can tune the car on my own without too many issues but time will tell!

I'll put a quick build thread on the projects section abit later.

Hi Jesse, welcome to HPA.

What is your track car?

Hi Chris,

It's a Honda Civic type r, jap import model known as an ek9. I'll post up in the projects section with a quick build up of what it's about etc. The build thread on another forum is like 68 pages long so it needs shortening really lol

Sounds like you've been in for the long haul, I'll get a read at it once it's up

I'll get something up tomorrow.

Hi guys just to say hi my name is Martin from UK aiming to start a new mini tuning company and I am doing the starter tuning course right now -wow what a guy- very informative.

I may as well ask here to save some time. Does anyone know can I use link g4+ software on any ecu as long as i have a base map and if so where can if ind a link to a mini cooper r50 base map? Or do i just flash record my existing map if using generic siemens- or do i need to use a g4 ecu to do this.


Hi Martin,

Welcome to HPA,

Hi - also from the UK, how is your self tuning going?

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