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Newish Member with Lacquered Carbon bodied Noble M12

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I joined a few months back with the sole aim to learn how to do a proper job of my loom and be able to map my own cars (Ive only dabbled with the mapping so far)... Im from the UK and have a few ambitious project's on the go.

Firstly I have a Noble M12 that I have steadily modified over the years, initially I did the tried and tested Mountune (big UK tuner) engine package, but soon moved on to designing my own engine package (single turbo rather than twin) and have progressively got more carried away to the point I took moulds and remade the entire body in lacquered carbon fibre.

More recently I decided to change the engine package considerably and fit Jag VVT heads instead of the ford ones... its actually been more work than if id just fitted an LS1.

My other car is slightly more extreme in that its a scratch build loosely replica of a Ford Capri with a full carbon body, sprceframce Chassis and suspension all designed by me with a BMW V10 engine... this is actually planned to be a full road registered GT car that I can cruise around Europe on holiday with my wife, however this project is still in its early life as i've been spending all my time (and money) on the noble in the last few years.

Here are a few pictures:

I run a 3.0L V6 with a single turbo package I developed, it was previously running 650bhp at the hubs but i have recently done some work to allow it to rev higher and removed a restrictive intake manifold and replaced with some ITB's and a carbon plenum i made. Its also going to run a dry sump going forward.

Capri is fairly early on in its development and got some way to go... its hard to see but the bodywork in this first picture is Vac formed carbon. The entire side in this picture weighs just 6kgs and is very rigid.

I started with a seat and an engine next to a mock up capri I purchased

which quickly started to grow into a sprceframce chassis, all the while i heavily modified the mock capri body ready for me to take moulds to make the carbon panels for my final car.

Hello wow you certainly have taken on some rather large projects well done

great to have you with us

Regards Ross

Blows my mind seeing this kind of talent around. Welcome.

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