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Hi there currently running an evo ix with motec m150 looking to learn more on my ecu

Do you know how to log and get data off the system? Did you purchase level 2 logging?


hi yes i have level 2 logging enabled.

im running the bosch dbw and im about to fit a 18-1 crank trigger wheel my aim is to have a factory level off driveabilty

Post up a 30 min log in CSV format exported at about 50 hz. We can see how the car is running. I use wetransfer to host and send these big files.


Hi buddy drop me an email burt9315@yahoo.co.uk

Hi Andrew, welcome to HPA


A good place to start is here; MoTeC M1 Webinars

and the M1 Manuals here; M1 Manuals

Otherwise ask questions here with M1 in the title, and I'll do what I can to help with the questions.

Oh, and don't bother downgrading your logs with a csv export, just load the i2 log files on here instead.

Hi there guys

i use a bosch DBW 82mm throttle body and im struggling to set up idle the revs seem to hang a lot anyone ran the throttle with the m150 specific on an evo

What is the part number of the throttle? if it is one that has been calibrated i'll get the data for you.

Hi mate its 0280750473 im using an evo x throttle pedal

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