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Paulster2 From Virginia

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Hello to one and all. My name is Paul J., but can be found most everywhere on the internet as Paulster2. I've worked on cars for well over 35 years. I'm coming to the end of my "real" job (which has nothing to do with cars) in a few years and figured I should be looking into an area where I can possibly make some money doing what I love. I'm thinking tuning might be a good place to look. I also needed some practical knowledge about tuning. I've been putting together a 91 Camaro Z28, where the engine has been modified a ways past stock. I need it tuned. I've looked towards several businesses, but nobody I care to trust will even give me the time of day about it. Figured it might be money well spent if I can learn how to make it happen. Enter HPA. They offered a pretty good deal with the Starter Package, then to top that off I got a discount code as well? I couldn't resist. Anyway, I don't know how active I might be on the forum, but thought I'd drop in and introduce myself anyway. Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times.

Hi Paul great to have you with us the forums are a great place to gain extra help when needed

we look forward to seeing your progress

Regards Ross

So, a 'proper' small block and not one of these modern LS/T thingies?

As Ross said, you should be able to find the help you need from someone here. The engines were around long enough to have a big data base for them and, as far as course content and tools is concerned, it's basically one-of payments where you can learn your engine and, as it is further modified/re-worked, you're not stuck paying to get it retuned with every change.

You may be able to do a good deal with a shop with a dyno', for just renting the machine and doing your own tuning.

Thanks guys ... appreciate the warm welcome.

@Gord - The original idea was to do a "fix-n-flip". It seemed more economical to build an original L98 for the car then to do an LS swap (NOTE: by "original L98", I mean as opposed to just doing the LSx swap ... the short block is stock with new rings/bearings ... the rest is not, to include the intake) ... looking back now, I'd probably rethink it, lol. On the other side of things, I also have an 86 IROC-Z which is going to get the LSx treatment, so tuning that is going to come into play as well, depending on the amount of aftermarket which is applied. I'm thinking headers would be in order, so that in and of itself is probably enough to warrant a tune. Great fun. :-)

Cool. If the IROC-Z is still original, would it make more sense to keep it like that as it'll be worth a fair bit more as a 'collectors' vehicle later? Or are there so many the market is saturated - some 'limited' versions can have huge production runs.

If it were a 'numbers matching' car, it'd be worth even more - my persoanl view would be either build another early engine and upgrade the vehicle with bolt-ons while storing the OEM parts for refitting later, or use an installation for the late engine that doesn't rquire surgery that will compromise the potential value later. Your car, your call, though :-)

People seem to be all over the LSx converted 3rd Gen Camaros. This IROC is an '86, which is the first year for the IROC-Z. For the V8, it only came with the 305. Dropping an LM7 in there or possibly even a BBC would make people want it a lot more than with the 305. There were quite a few of them. This is not what I would call a pristine example as there are too many little things wrong with it. Once the car is converted over, it's really easy to swap out an LM7 with something larger, like a LQ4/9 or an LS3, because all of the hard work is done ... all it takes is money, right? :o)

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