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Hey there guys, my name is Devin Irving, I live in Bothell, WA just outside of Seattle on the west coast. I'm all about a well-done, clean Japanese built car and love the sound and feel of some good old American muscle, my favorite being the Corvette C7. Current project is a big leap ahead of my previous endeavors, if you could call them that. Building a '92 Honda Civic EG from the ground up. That's the year I was born and I've always loved the cars that came out of Japan in the 90's. Not just another Honda build however. I've got big plans for the hatch in the coming year. I want to take this build and my skills to the next level, done with my own two hands, the engine, the chassis, drivetrain, and most importantly, the tune. Looking to the tuning expertise here at HPA for guidance, and really looking forward to meeting some fellow tuners and builders. Cheers and happy wrenching!

Hi Devin,

Welcome to HPA, be sure to start a build thread and keep it up to date as these builds are always good to see develop

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