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Hi all,

been looking forward to getting my teeth into some of these courses for a while now,

I've been into modifying since before I could drive and started with mopeds when I was 16,

I'm more of a diy in the garage type of guy and do as much as I can myself, for the last few years I've been bringing my rx7 fc back to life and various issues that I've managed to battle through including a very large amount of rust and clag/bondo/filler.

currently am getting to the point of full throttle pulls after engine run in, not only that I've not long bought an fd to bring back to life and this will be on a different ecu platform. (the fc is on a fueltech ft450 the Fd will be on link)

so I'm hoping to learn quite a bit and maybe help other guys in the rotary scene over in the Uk as there's not many "tuning specialists" over here and one I have used did seem to lack the care id of expected if I was charging people for services.

Anyway thank you and look forward to speaking to you all.

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Hello nice bit of kit their mate they are worth a fortune here in New Zealand, i hope you enjoy our tuning courses the link is the perfect ecu for your project with a great tech support team and forum support.

Thank you buddy,

I’ve already worked through some of the courses and redone a few steps I’d missed on my car and started to retune from scratch and already got the car running a lot smoother and the idle is rock solid. So to say it’s worth it is an understatement.

thanks again.

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