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Motorsport TIG Welding Fundamentals

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Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Dc tig, 2.4mm tungsten, 1/16th rod.

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Can you see the weld puddle? Can you control the size with your amp control (foot pedal, or torch knob). You should just fill up that plate with rows and rows of welds. Work on making them straight and even width. Get this right before trying to stick two pieces together.

No where near enough amps so you're getting almost no penetration, or possibly way too much filler rod added to the weld pool for the amount of amps. Kind of looks like the filler rod has just been melted on top of your plate. The plate looks like it's covered in mill scale or paint still? I would take a flap disc to it before trying again.

It's tricky getting your filler rod feeding hand working in sync with your torch hand to lay perfect beads, much like learning an instrument it takes time. Don't be afraid to run some lines with just your torch to get a feel for creating and holding the weld pool and running straight lines, it's good practice to see what's going on without the added complexity of adding filler rod when starting out

Thanks guys I’ll try these steps

As said above. Especially the suggestion of getting confident in working the weld puddle - and you REALLY need to work on clean metal, especially alloys, so invest in some flapper wheels to get the scale off and some CHLORINE FREE cleaner (unless you want to make poison gas and kill yourself, takes an incredibly small amount!) that is welding safe, or acetone which is also commonly used.

There are also plent of guides/tutorials on-line - for example, Justin has some very helpful stuff and he's actually a welding trainer - https://www.youtube.com/@TheFabricatorSeries He also has lots of little tips and tricks that can make things much easier for you.

For practicing feeding the wire, I'd suggest keeping a few weld rods around the place and when you're not doing anything else with your hand(s) practice feeding the wire through your fingers - alternating hands is a good idea, as sometimes you just can't use your preferred hand combination, something I learned as a young 'un gas welding/brazing.

That looks like pretty thin material, I would try a 1.6mm tungsten.


I use the same size tungsten as filler rod, 2.4mm is larger than you need.

Not enough amps. Probably too much filler rod.

If you were welding for real, metal not cleaned up enough.

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