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Motorsport TIG Welding Fundamentals

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It would be cool to start a thread about welding tips ant tricks. There people with more knowledge can write them for beginners. I will try to start:

Shielding gas post flow setting: It should be set as long as tungsten is glowing red. If hot tungsten is exposed to air it gets contaminated or oxidised, and weld quality drops very fast. it is very noticeable with aluminum. If tungsten is contaminated starting of the arc is very dificult, it starts shooting.

I'm not a welder, but this is a good thought and I hope others will chime in.

Best to learn on aluminum first. You'll get all the heartbreak and false confidence out of the way. Mild steel and stainless will be a breeze after.

Tight fitment is key. Spend the time to ensure proper fitup the first time, if you don't you'll end up doing it over 10 times.

Get a decent welding helmet and look after the screen. The difference in improved visibility of the weld pool can make a massive difference, especially when starting out.

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