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Aerospace company in liquidation - motec ecu/pdm's - precison tools and equipment - connectors - wiring all up for sale on auction site

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Its from an NZ company "Martin Jetpack" - they have some finished units/ prototypes / test equipment / stuff to make a gadget junkie drool in pleasure

For people with some spare money - check over whats for sale - bulk aerospace connectors etc - they got you covered

its on the trademe nz website - search for martin jetpack

No i dont make any money from this - im in a different city and im unrelated to the seller or the company in liquidation - and i'd want a bunch of these things meself - but hey - its a community - so people in here may find things they would kill for (or maybe grievous bodily harm tops...)

Have fun peoples - its like a dragons cave of treasure :)

Just as a note, all of the M150's will need to be re-licensed before being able to be used, some of them do not even have a firmware licence associated with them.

A lot of them have level 3 logging and Pro analysis enabled though.

They do have a LOT of nice stuff listed - much of it appears to be unused.

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