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Car wont start!!

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Hello everyone,

Recently i have faced a problem on one of my friends car, the engine was recently build, i have tuned the car and everything was perfect the next day he called and said that the car does not start any more, when i looked through it, when you try to start the car it starts with low rpms it keeps misfiring then it goes off, we checked the plugs they were full of petrol, so we replaced them and the injectors, but the problem is still there! The car is a nissan tb48 turbo charged has id1000 injectors and runs on motec m800 with cdi8 and bosch coils, and suggestions on what is the problem?


It sounds like a cold start issue, in that one of the compensations for low coolant temps is injecting to much fuel into the engine. if you start the engine with a small amount of throttle open, what does it do?

It keeps misfiring then it shuts down, i feel that it is a coil problem

Whats your AFR when its on warm up/post start when cold?

What is it like when its warm?

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