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Data acquisition for MOTEC and OEM

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Hi, what is the bet data acquisition package for a rally car with motec ECU and for a car with oem ECU.

Which MoTeC ECU do you have?

M800 plug in for evo

With the M800, there is onboard logging available for it that provides 64 channels and 1Mb of space. This can fill quickly if you are logging the maximum channels, or a smaller number of channels at a slower rate. To provide the ability to log from both the M800 and the car with the OEM ECU (presuming that it is OBD-II compliant) then you need to look at a MoTeC Dash or enclosed logger, these can be used in conjunction with the M800 (logging over CAN) and the OEM ECU (logging over OBD).

The advantage with using one of these devices is that you can also have GPS and extra sensor inputs into the device, so that you can have track mapping and see where issues may be occurring. For example, you may be getting a low oil pressure warning, with the GPS track mapping, you can see what the car was doing at the time and and see that it occurs only on long radius left hand turns, this helps diagnose that it may be an issue with the design of the sump and the oil is moving away from the pickup, starving the pump of oil.

Great I will take a look for those loggers you mentioned.


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