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DBW Linear Potentiometer

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Looking for a linear potentiometer for my OBP pedal box, any recommendations? Can't seem to find anything other than your usual rotational style potentiometer.

Appreciate any suggestions

Should be a variety on RSonline or element14 or your UK equivalents.

What stroke to do you need? The Penny & Giles SLS and MLS series will probably have something you could use:


I really do prefer the non-contact dual output rotary sensors for Accelerator Pedal Position applications.


SRH220 is a good one for throttle pedals - the arm works well with a direct linkage to the pedal.

Any reason for it having to be linear - surely you could simply map the value Vs throttle position in the software, if needed? You would usually have the points concentrated more to the light throttle opening, anyway, as that's where the air valve has most affect on airflow?

Cheers Micahel,

I've had a good luck and found 1 or 2 but there dam expensive for what they are.


that's a good question haha no more that 2.5/3", I'm going to measure when I get back to the garage. The SRH220 looks like it would do the job but would depend on the reliability of the little arm, may be worth making a part in aluminum.


were on about the the pedal side here, have you seen the OBP pedal boxes? A normal twist style potentiometer wont work with the movement of the pedal.

Im with the others, better with a rotary pot. The linear ones are unreliable as hell because they are an old fashion "wiper" design, at least as shock pots and slide throttle TPS they fail all the time, never used one on a pedal. Have a look at tiltons DBW kit for inspiration. Davids suggestion of SRH220 is a good one, or get a Mercedes C class one from a wreck. They are a similar type rotary pot with a lever, I have used them to convert a cable pedal before. There is also another Mercedes one I have seen that connects to a traditional throttle cable as well but I cant remember what model that was from.

There are magnetic type linear potentiometers i image more expensive than the wiper style. They were chosen for use on the large force machine at the Australian national measurement Institute for repeatability and reliability. I can't recall the brand.


This is the type of sensor I was referring to guys and is what's used in the OBP DBW box (that I don't have) it would seem easy enough to install.

Thanks Adam, I'll have a look at the merc options cheers and its looking seems to be rotary type is the option. I've seen the cable to DBW but thats a lot going on and to cram into a small pedal box probably wont work given that's its already a tight fit in the foot well to start with

Well, the one you show look just like a P&G SLS series. See the links I referenced, they have dimensions of the various models.

The Audi A8 also used a pot activated by the tradtional cable from the throttle pedal. I've used that on a 944 I converted to DBW. However it was sourced from a junkyard and I would recommends something you can purchase new (and in current production) given a choice.


I'm going to have a good look into them all and order up some of the cheaper ones see how they play out. Failing that I'll just order the one pictured (posted that to make sure were all on about the same thing)

cheers for the help fellas

Stainless string pots can work well so long as it can be fit in such a way where they're out of danger of getting tangled. I've actually rigged an AiM steering angle sensor for shit and giggles/proof of concept for a very long stroke (draw) in a much smaller package as opposed to SLS and MLS sensors when looking at a few retrofits.

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