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I travel a lot for work, usually flying and I'd like to download the videos and webinars to watch whilst travelling. I contacted Ben and he has mentioned some people have used Vimeo downloaders. Can anyone give me a link to a downloader that works well and some info on how its done. I'm not to savvy with that side of things.


It depends on your browser as to the video downloader that you use, I haven't been successful in finding a downloader that works well in Google Chrome on the HPA site, so I use Firefox and Video DownloadHelper to download the videos.

I'm using the same method as BlackRex. Firefox and video download helper. I had to play with the settings a little to have it list videos in my preferred quality, but it works well once you find the quality you want.

It's available for chrome as well, but more difficult to use.

Here's the download link. The chrome extension is listed at the bottom


I found that VDLH inchrome would download the movie in segments, that then had to be stitched back together after being downloaded, but only in the HPA videos. Is it still doing this, or have some changes been made to the program?

The only trouble I've had in Chrome has been the DASH codec being my only option. Apart from the download being substantially slower, the video itself is jumpy, and of lower quality than the stated value.

I'll try a webinar or two between classes tomorrow and report back.


No luck with the chrome extension. The needed menus are not even available.

Looks like Firefox and video download helper are your best bets

I've had no issues with "Download Vimeo Videos, Premium" with Chrome. It's a trial so you only have a couple days to download all of your videos though.

Does anybody knows why dowloads are on a MP4 360 quality?Its a nice feature to have them handy when there is no connection or you just dont want to give away mega bytes.....

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