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Downloading videos?

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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No internet at the workshop, is there any way to download the videos so I can watch them at the workshop?

This isn't something we can offer a lot of technical support for at this stage but I'll send you an email I'll to get you pointing in the right direction for a solution as it is something a lot of members do successfully for various reasons


No worries. I just had to try resend the email as it bounced. If it's not there now fire an email to support@hpacademy.com and I'll sort you out =)

Just pinged you guys for similar issue (flying).

Same here, would love to be able to catch up and refresh during those long flights. Can someone please message me a starting point for offline use. Thanks!

Firefox and VideoDownload Helper, this is the only combination that I have found to work with the media server that HPA uses.

Hi !

Commuting by train daily, I don't have a consistent data during these 2-3h/day I may use for HP learning...done a search but topics I've found are 2+ years old. Is there any known solution to fix that (like above if still work) or did HP team developed something specific ?

Thanks ;-)

I still use Firefox and VideoDownload Helper for this.

Does this still work? with whole module when logged in? suggestions? Thanks

Hey team, we're super responsive to emails from you guys. Get in touch and if we know of something that works right now we will get you pointing in the right direction.


This seems to be one of the most recent topics on this subject, so I ask it here.

As far as I can see from the topics already open, you guys at HPA have no problem with your users downloading the videos from Vimeo.

Before going any further, I just want to doublecheck on that.



after 2 years beeing very busy, i`m back on courses, and still willing to see them during my train comute where i dont have a correct network, video downloadhelper looks to not work, is that after any update or do i have a configuration issue ?

or did the team developped something for offline members ??

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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