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Hi All,

Unfortunately my RB25 180sx has melted a ringland and will be sitting in the naughty corner for atleast 6-10 months.

Its tuned for e85 and currently has 3/4 of a tank in the standard fuel tank.

I'm aware e85 does not have a very long shelf life and can corrode components quite quickly. It has all e85 rated AN line and Bosch Motorsports injectors and id hate to have to replace these as well as the rust prone standard tank once i begin working on it.

My question is whats the best method for storing this vehicle for an extended period of time?

Am i best to completely drain the tank?

Fill with 98 octane?

I've even heard some suggestions of the addition of a little bit of 2 stroke oil to the fuel...

The e85 currently has the Nulon e85 treatment in it but id like a better solution.

Thanks !

If you can drain the tank then drain it. Next time the engine runs, I'd put standard E0/E10 fuel in there for a tank before switching back, unless you plan on being exclusively E85.

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