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Electronic Brake Booster Vacuum Pump

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Has anyone had experience of installing and configuring an electric pump as a vacuum source as a substitute for the manifold vacuum connection to an OE installed brake booster?

I work a lot with turbocharged rally cars where anti-lag systems do a good job of maintaining boost even when off throttle and this combined with extensive left foot braking when there is positive manifold pressure means that vacuum assisted brakes are unsuitable.

Hella 31317445 (as used on many Volvo's) seems like a suitable pump which I'm thinking together with a fairly simple control strategy, 0-1bar absolute pressure sensor, accumulator tank and check valve or solenoid valve could be used to provide a seemingly constant vacuum to the brake booster under all conditions.

I would be interested to hear of experiences with other pumps and/or using just an accumulator with the stock manifold vacuum source.

I've never seen any rally cars (or any other race cars for that matter) with a brake booster.

Why don't you use a pedal box ?

It's an interesting idea that sounds like it has potential to work. I've never seen this idea used but that's not to say it can't work. Most of the GPN rally cars I've tuned simply ran without vacuum assistance to avoid the inconsistent brake assistance that you can get with antilag.

The Toyota Aristo uses some sort of electronic booster...wonder if you could adapt that some how.

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