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Im swapping from the subaru to Evo side....

i currently have 2x semi serious subarus and looking to build a new street car. (Evo)

Going to the evo side means i have a heap of reading to do.

Some initial questions if any gurus are willing to share intel.

Im planning evo 7 with approx 400whp (300wkw). I am TRYING to keep this as a street car!! So spool is high on the list.

-Drop in Mahle powerpak 4032 pistons.(living in a country with no machine shop, and willing to take my chances)

-H beams

-Head studs

Most likely a fullrace (or similar) T4 twin scroll manifold


ID1050x and a new fuel pump. (only going to be running pump fuel)

Aquamist water meth injection

I am still on the fence on the manifold and turbo, But it seems for around 400hp on pump gas a twin scroll efr is hard to beat.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. When building my Subaru I ended up buy things 3+ times as I bought the wrong bits or too big or small. Hoping to make less errors this time around!!

Check out the Mitsubishi Lancer Register as there are plenty of Evo builds and feedback on parts to use.

If you were aiming for around 400hp ATF, you shouldn't need to change internals as 400/400 is a generally reliable power level and plenty on the road- subject to some mechanical sympathy. Search on there for 400 400 and you'll get loads of info on what parts do and do-not work.

You can load a tephra modded rom into the stock ECU to run SD (or keep the MAF and have 2nd maps, etc) which IMO is ideal if you're only doing bolt-ons. If going forged then I think an aftermarket ECU is worthwhile, I love my Link G4+ and obviously it's a platform covered on here.

Turbo wise the standard 80 series from the Evo 9 GSR will make near those numbers and give great spool, likewise the HKS Kai II is meant to be very good at that power level and both are stock frame with IWG. FP do a large runner forged manifold if you don't want to go tubular.

If you're set on going for above 400HP /400Lb/Ft ATF then you'll start chasing the weakest link.... You'll want to forge as you've already said, probably cams, springs and retainers, possibly twin plate clutch (ACT might be OK depending on torque). There are stock frame turbos that can support 500+ the best I know of is the Blouch 3.0XTR. Failing that it'll be full frame and EWG, the EFR and precision turbos seem to be popular at the moment.

Personally speaking, having had a 400/400 Evo 8 setup and now a 550+ Evo 9, the extra power is only any real benefit on track. 400 and the fast spool would destroy most things on the road and the standard internals and transmission shouldn't present any issues. 500+ you're playing chase the weakest link; it's expensive and if not done right you'll wreck the drivability of the car.

So with all that said- I would recommend aiming for 400HP ATF and spend the money you'll save on decent coilovers (Nitron, Ohilins, MeisterR, etc) and a big brake kit from the likes of AP, Alcon, Brembo. If you decide to go for more power later then at least you know you can stop and handle!

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