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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Hi guys,

As a car enthusiast i really enjoy your courses, it has helped me understand a lot more about tuning. Something that still baffles me though is fabricating custom parts. I wonder if you would consider doing a series on this, a few examples:

- Making mounting brackets for intercoolers / catch cans etc

- Making custom exhausts

- TIG / MIG Welding

- Material types and when to use (ie steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium etc)

- Fasteners and strength (ie bolt / nut grades, rivets, rivnuts)

- Cutting and bending sheet metal

Just a thought but i would personally love a series like this.

Hey Troy , and you thought tuning was an in depth subject/skill , you have just mentioned at least 3 different trades ..lol .

There are many sites on youtube for information on things like welding and fabrication

welding tips and tricks.com

lasse metal shaping

to name but two , they are very informative and very addictive as well , but to kit your workshop out to be able to do all the above you will spend $$$ and lots of them , a decent ac/dc tig set even entry level will cost around $2000 upwards , lathes , mills , folders the list is endless. But the rewards are amazing when you get a really great job finished , keep an eye out on ebay etc for good second hand stuff ..it does come up occasionally.

Good luck and enjoy .

cheers Keith

We've actually discussed fabrication as a potential area to cover with HPA for some time. At the moment we have a lot going on in the tuning/wiring/engine building areas so I can't commit to adding more to our long list right now but we certainly would like to do this in the future. Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the links Keith! ill be sure to check them out. I really like to do as much as i can myself, its really a fault of mine.

Sounds good Andre, always keen to learn more

+1 to welding tips & tricks...

Oriphi - go pick up a base model TIG AC/DC welder - doesnt have to be a high-dollar one ... and find scrap metal and just run beads

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