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First Dyno Mainline 600L or Dynocom 6000

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I am getting ready to purchase my first dyno. Im super excited and nervous. I have gotten quotes from both Mainline and Dynocom. I can get the 600L (1200hp/1250 ftlbs Rate 8.75 inc rollers) or the Dynocom 6000 series (1900hp Rated and 10.75 rollers) both delivered to my door for about the same price.

I have used a mainline before and loved. I havent used a dynocom yet. I know mainlines reputation and I have read through both the good and bad on dynocom issues. The rated difference is quite large between the dyno which is what is making me second guess just jumping on the mainline.

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts are or things I may not be considering.

Tell us about the cars you expect to tune and their purposes (street, drag racing, road racing, etc). If you think 1000 - 1200 hp cars are going to be common, then I would be concerned about the capacity for the future, but if those are going to be rare, then going with what you know and love has the be the right choice.

At the 1000 hp+ level, not sure rollers are going to be the best solution and you may need to add a mainline hub dyno (ie, your second dyno), then you can go really big.

I settled on building my own hubdyno.. Total AWD cost was just shy for 40.000. US

If you where to buy a roller, then go with mainline. I've only heard bad things about dynocom and their support or lack their of, Also i See Allison bash every other customer i've met and talked to in northern Europe. (Laggy pcs, Software that locks up etc, and is blamed on the customer:/ all have now gone over to Sportdevices.)

My Dyno is built around the Sportdevices controller and 4 KLAM CFK-550.

Just got it going and was tuning a Volvo this weekend. Perfect steady state options altough not as fully packed as the Dynolog system from mainline.

My main option was to buy a Mainline Prohub but i could not get the finance for it at that time so went with option 2 which was to build my own.

I too heard a lot of drama / people complaining about Dynocom while I only heard good things about Mainline. For me I would go with Mainline as their support / products (software) seems better.

Maybe all Dynocom issues were in facts user related (which would be another problem if a lot of your customers can't get your stuff to work!), but I didn't like the tone of the public replies of Dynocom.

I have been in the mainline shop in Australia, they know what the are doing, I'm not sure any other "affordable"/non car-manufacturer type dyno system has as good softwar/coms/integration as mainline. Also be mindful that people power rate dynos differently and you can still do effective ramp runs over the rated power.

I would need a very, very good reason not to be buying a mainline, like enough money to buy a full AVL system with integrated combustion pressure measurement. You would probably find Mainline and Plex would be happy to sort the comms to integrate their systems if they don't already anyway.

My main issue was financing, it was harder for me to get the proper financing in place to buy a dyno then to build my own but in hindsight i would've gone with mainline, maybe in the future i can invest in one but for now i'm happy with sportdevices and my diy hub dyno

@SnitchO, where did you get the plans for building your own?

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