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Gotech prox ECU

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Hi Guys. I am currently learning to tune on my own and am using a south African system called Gotech prox. wanted to know if you guys ever came across this system and had a few tips. My car is an 89 BMW M3 with a 95 m3 motor swap fully built with a borg warner s366 turbo. The car is now at 367hp/370tq on a mainline dyno.

This isn't an ECU I've heard of sorry.

Thanks for your response Andre. Well its a fairly simple system somewhat similar to the older haltech units. I'm having an issue where under light throttle to moderate the car will accelerate right thru the rpm range however under heavy acceleration the car wud bug out at 5000rpm. I'm thinking my tps probably need recaliberating or that my fuel map at 5krpm has too much fuel causing this issue. My afr under boost is about 11.7 on pump gas and 10psi of boost pressure. Do think that may be my issue?

Could be a spark issue. Its heavier for the spark to jump the gap during heavy load than light load. Weak og faulty ignition systems often shows up this way...

Thanks..I will look at spark and keep data logging to see

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