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Honda EP3 gearbox swap with DC5

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Hi there all,

thanks in advance to everyone for any tip! Got an EP3 and was wondering if a DC5 gearbox would be a straight fit for my k20 on my EP3. Since the DC5 box got LSD and I believe the gear ratios are shorter? Should increase performance of the car. If anyone has done this before I appreciate your help!Have a nice one y'all!

the gearbox itself should be a direct bolt in to the existing engine mounts and engine.

but you might(?) need to get the driveshafts from the dc5 as well or something seeing the diff is different - totally unsure on the driveshaft bit sorry.

I also found this on a honda forum somewhere - again sorry, its totally not me putting this together - but should give you some more info on the different gearbox ratios etc


Have fun :)

Hey Lawrence Massive thank you for the info and the document down below, i appreciate your help and telling me to have a look into the drive shafts and stuff which was something that didnt cross my mind! You save me big time on that. Hope i can be of help to you someday! All the best and have an awesome day my man👍

Seems to be quite some variation in chassis and gearbox codes, or rather what is fitted. It'll pay to double check everything you can.

Regarding the driveshafts, might be some variation in the hubs, too, such as a larger, stronger spline that will need to be matched up - on the other hand, if you get the whole assembly it may also come with larger brakes, which coul be a bonus.

Hi Gord, many thanks for the advice of the connection of the hubs with the driveshaft size like Lawrence mentioned above. So it would seem the setup would be transforming into more serious build:) Probably gearbox,shafts,hubs,brakes,maybe wheels? not to mention suspension set up . I appreciate your comment and is something i will look into cause last thing i want to do is left with everything hanging and not have a car cause this is my daily so every bolt would need to be gathered to do all in one go! All the best to you my man and have a great day!!

Ah, the curse of the DD.

Yes, the more you can find out about the different models and years, and what was used on them, the better. If possible I'd suggest getting the whole front suspension and sub-frame with the gearbox and transmission - it doesn't guarantee you won't have any issues, but it will certainly improve your odds.

Oh, forgot, if you can, pick up a manual or Haynes guide and go through the process carefully to make sure you're confident in the swap and, especially, go through the tools you will need - been caught out before when half way through something and had to put it all back together to go and get the tools required, before taking things apart again. Don't forget the correct transmission oil, any greases required and, if the budget allows, it's a great time to service the clutch if the mileage is getting up there.

check ephatch.com and k20a.org - its all been done before :)

heck - it may work out better for you to just buy a lsd center for your existing gearbox and pull that apart one weekend and install it - from the youtube vids it looks possible to do if you have the right torque wrenches and tools - or if you have a uk ep3 gearbox spare you could slap it in there and just swap the boxes over - you may find a wrecker that would refund you a core charge (your old box) in exchange

i'm a lucky one down here in nz - we only got jdm imports so my ep3 has the lsd and better ratios in the gearbox already

Hi Gord and Lawrence sorry for the delayed reply but you guys are both awesome!!Love the support and exchange of ideas that you give for my Ep3. Gord's idea honestly sounds so exciting to do for the car as it will be kinda a sleeper Ep3 in a way!haha but looking it at it as budget wise something to definitely to look out for. I been looking Lawrence's option as well for swapping an lsd direct fit to the box and leave the stock gear ratio in it. Lucky you man you got the jdm version with all the goodies:) But im still grateful to have mine as i have the opportunity to be part of the culture! HUGE RESPECT TO YOU BOTH! Have an epic day and all the best for you!!

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