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Iracing Group/Team for HPA Members only and on Discord (Sim racing

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Hi HPA members

Let´s gather a group in Iracing and on Discord for HPA members only

IRacing Team name: TEAM HPA MEMBERS

IRacing team ID 273708

Discord: team-hpa-members

If HPA´s staff don't like the name of the group and team, let me know and I delete it!!!

quick bio: I'm 33years, motorcycle mechanic and worked with classic racing for a few years as well.

I just startet playing Iracing 1½ mounth ago so i'm new to the game. I got the logitech g920 steering wheel, pedals and stick shifter. so nothing fancy.

I'm Easy to talk to but my english could be better.

Iracing username Jens Laubjerg

license D 3.64 (road)

bought cars: bmw gt3 m4, bmw gt4 m4, audi 90 imsa gto,

bought tracks so far: nürburgring 3x. daytona. bathurst. long beach.

Sent a quick bio so i can add you, or just join up. :)

JOIN UP!!! everyone in here is welcome. remember to drive clean! ;)

Best regards Jens Laubjerg

Oh damn, I think it's a great idea! I just bought a Sim Racing kit haha! I about to start on Assetto Corsa with the RSS F1 Pack but if I end up on iRacing I'll join you guys for sure :)

Hi Frank

I Have assetto corsa as well on the xbox and project cars 2, but when i tried IRacing for the first time 1½ mounth ago. In the first corner the car felt like it was behaving like a real car. its something completly different than assetto corsa, which feels like a arcade game compared to Iracing..

I think you should go Iracing as soon as possibly, it's the best. no doubt. :)

Iracing does not demand a high spec computer to run. but it gets expensive pretty fast when you need to buy many of the tracks and a few cars, but so much worth if i should say it.. you pay mountly to play, so it doesn't need to get expensive to try it out.. the mx5 is great in the start and it's in the game :)

Best regards Jens Laubjerg

Good idea! I'm in! would be sick to do put to get a team together to do some endurance races!

Nice Matthew Charles..

just join the Team or sent your user id and i will invite you..

which tracks do you got?, I will buy some more in a couple of days when there is pay day :)

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