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Is it me, or is the site very banner/overlay happy...

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Seem to spend my entire time fighting menu's that drop down from above, or offers popping up from below.

On a tablet, the site's not usable in landscape as the menu cuts off the top of the video.

Attached image show's there is basically a letterbox in which to view the actual content through.

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I agree with Tim, it gets quite frustrating when trying to watch videos sometimes, especially on a smaller (and wider) screen. I end up having half of the screen blocked out by a white and orange bar :)

Could it be reduced in size or set to not auto-popup when you scroll up, even if it's only on the video pages?

Same issue here. I like that the site is active as it gives a very modern feel but, it is far too obtrusive. It would be great if you could reduce it to a browser address bar size (if that makes sense) then, when you hover over an option, it expands. I feel that would reduce the number of clicks, making the site easier to use.

However, I was really happy to see the removal of the "Begin your performance engine tuning, click here" banner. Thank you to the HPA team for fixing that!

Kind Regards,


Hey guys!

Bit late to the party here sorry.

Yes we have adjusted one banner to only pop up on certain pages where it is more likely to hit new members and we will also work on the others for you guys.

As always, thanks for the feedback!

Hey team, just checking in to see if this banner issue is resolved or needs more work?

Thanks for checking back, Ben.

I still have the site expanding the top banner (where you can click to forums, webinars, blog, articles, courses, etc.) every time I scroll up just the slightest. When this happens, I lose 30% of the screen until I scroll down enough to retract it. It's required that I scroll up too far just to come back down to re-read a comment on a long thread. Is there any way to set it so that it only appears if you hover your mouse over the top portion of the website? I feel that would be ideal.

Thanks again for trying to improve the site for us!


the share options popping up on the left (ipad) can be annoying. As a general UI rule any paid content areas should have minimal dynamic content that does not drive a positive user experience, or support the function that page is for.

Patrick, Cam our web dev guy, has just changed the way the the banner behaves on the forum. Let me know if this is sorted for you.

Kris, I'll make some changes to remove the social sharing buttons from the logged in members :)

awesome thanks, you guys are very responsive and I appreciate that!

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