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Is it safe for ignition coils to be mounted inside cabin

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Have everything mounted, haven't started yet. Then my mate got me worried and said that they will create to much electrical noise and mess with the ecu.

Bit messy I know lol

What do you think?


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Your mate is on the right train of thought. The high voltages generated from the coils along the leads to the plugs can create electrical noise which can have huge impacts on the signals to and from the ECU. This is why OE manufacturers keep the leads as short as possible or even mount the coils directly on the plug.

Is there any particular reason you've mounted them in the cabin? Are those LQ9 coils?

I'm not sure what kind of coils they are. Here's another pic.

I mounted them inside to keep a clean engine bay and away from heat. Is the some sort of way around this. Like boxing them off with some plate?

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They're not LQ9, but do look like good strong coils.

have you got a picture of you engine bay and I could make some suggestions?

Here's engine pic. Yup sure go ahead. Coils are I 1000hp drag cars. So I know I won't need to upgrade again!

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Why not make a mounting plate on the inlet side of the rocker cover and use the old coil cover as mounting points for the plate, then you can use short leads?

Bit late for you now, but people are using the Yaris coils in a coil on plug arrangement, apparently plenty of spark for 1000hp

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