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Issues with ign-1a coils

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Hello guys, I seem to be facing issue with IGN-1A coils failing. I’ve decided to rewire my coils but I’m heading conflicting ideas on how to ground the coils.

Im running a haltech 1500 on a built 13b turbo.

what I’m trying to work out is if I should follow what haltech have done in the current loom and wire pin B and D from each could back into the ECU looms battery ground ? Or should I wire all of coils pins B, C and D together and ground them on the center iron. This has been suggested by a number of people familia with rotaries.

mother have suggested to ground pin b and d on the center plate and to ground pin C to the rotor housing that the coil is going to fire.

The ECU battery ground that haltech wires from the loom to the coils all traces back to a small like 18-20g ecu earth that connects to the battery. So I’m not sure if these two coil pins b and d have much current going through them or if they really need to be connected back into the ECU battery ground at all?

any guidance on what the effects of each option may be or will they all work ok?

thanks I’m advance guys

Hi Joel,

You must follow the wiring orientation as described in the documentation for an IGN-1a coil to function correctly.

If you splice the B, C and D pins the coil will still function but not optimally.


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Thanks for the feedback Scott, so pin B should go to the ECU ground, C to the rotor housings and D to the negative battery terminal?

Yes exactly

Thanks Scott!

Hey guys, so I have rewired the coils as recommended above and today again I’ve had a coil failure. This time the front leading coil. Stuggleing with the cost of these coils all the time ;( any one have any ideas of test I can run on the system, wiring etc ?

From doing calibrations on these coils, there are some major differences in the dwell times needed depending on the part number. Can you provide the Delco part number and I'll see if I have a calibration for it.

Hi Steven, thanks for your reply. I can’t see a part number on the coil anywhere. The ones that have failed are all from heltech. I’ve swapped in 2 AEM coils so far. Not sure if that’s just by chance.

I also just noticed that Pin A and Pin B both have 0.032v when the accessories is switched on? Is this normal ?

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