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IWP042 Injector Latency

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Hi Guys,

Have searched all over the internet and can't seem to find this info. Does anyone have injector dead times for IWP 042 250 cc/min Pico injectors?



I see that the dead times for the IWP 043 are posted on this site. Any idea if I could expect them to be similar with the 042? 100cc/min difference in flow and different stream pattern, but not sure if the internals otherwise would be similar/ react similarly.

They are probably close enough that if you don't want to figure out how to determine the correct values yourself, just use those. Any errors will just get "baked into" your tune. Not an issue unless you need to use different injectors in the future and don't intend to retune it after changing injectors.

So often the dead-time values you do find by searching might not be correct for your fuel pressure, or the injector drivers in your ECU, anyway -- you just end up "baking in" any errors anyway.

Thanks for the reply David! Based on the amount of HP per cylinder the IWP 042 are capable of, I don't think I'll ever hit that ceiling with this engine (1.3L V4 Lancia Fulvia Engine) so probably no need to ever change to different injectors. Sounds like I should be okay just to use the ones posted for the 043s and let the difference in latency just get baked into my tune.

I'm assuming that as long as I don't see a lot of voltage fluctuation in operation that this won't affect AFR stability too terribly much? I've sent emails to pretty much everyone selling these injectors, and no one has responded lol.

Engines will operate (and idle) over a large range of AFRs. The injector dead times have the largest affect at small flow rates (ie, like idle). Voltage difference at idle will probably be due to either alternators not energized, or additional loads (like having the headlights on, or cooling fans running).

Test your tune in both conditions (ie, low and high normal operating voltages) and find the happy medium so it runs well in all situations.

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