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LMA float protection

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Something that has stuck out to me from Hondata’s help file is: “Do not set the VTEC point too high as the high speed cam rocker arm may float on the LMA (lost motion assembly), damaging the valve spring retainers. It is not recommended to set the VTEC point over 6500 rpm.”

I find this interesting because there are times when it is possible to easily rev past 6500 rpm on the low speed cam profile. The most obvious example os when the engine is not warm enough for vtec to be active yet. Given the stock rev limit is 8200 it’s reasonable to see 6500 getting on the freeway when the engine isn’t fully warmed up yet.

I posed the question on Hondata’s forum and the answer they provided was as expected: “Just don’t go past 6500 rpm if vtec isn’t active”. Sage wisdom.

How much of a concern is this really? I find it hard to believe there is no protection mechanism available for this given the risk exists to any Honda end user even brand new from the factory. Maybe it’s only a risk if you have bigger than stock cams in it or have not upgraded your LMAs? For those familiar with Hondata is there a strategy that accomplishes a rev limit based on which cam profile is active or at the least by ECT? I can’t find one.

hello here is no other rpm limit modification when the engine is cold it in the Hondata sorry to say the best idea is to warm it up before driving

not that i have ever seen an issue with the valve train on them breaking because of float but i guess someone must have to put it as a warning

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