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Magnus launch control , gear cut , Evo 8 sQs dog

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Evo 4g63 drag car 9 sec 1/4 street .

I'm facing a launch problem (spin or bogs down ) due to different temp and road conditions .

So I was thinking to put the Magnus launch control device and gear cut control with link g4 plus .

My question is can I use the clutch only for 1 first gear ?

3nd 3rd 4th with clutch depending on the gear cut ( link g4 plus )

- does this sQs dog transmission will take this abuse ?

-I'm I going to lose my transmission and my clutch ?

You support is highly appreciated

Thank you

hello no issues with using them set up as intended on first gear only

Regards Ross

So you have experience with this sQs transmission dog box ? If I can shift without clutch depending on the link g4 gear cut from the stick .

sequential gearbox, straight cut gears, dog engagement, cable operated throttle body

this is designed to allow no clutch shifting from 1-2 from 2-3 and 3-4 and 4-5

if you do not want to use a clutch to shift down - from 5-4 from 4-3 and 3-2 and 2-1 then you need an electronic throttle body so the ecu can blip the throttle on down change to make it easy - or the driver can blip it manually on downchange or use a clutch to downchange

you must use the clutch to start off or come to a stop and can ignore it after that - if you still want to use a clutch to change gear you can but when you are moving - its optional

if you have a strain gauge on the shift lever - the ecu will see that you are trying to change gear and cut the ignition

the dog engagement will allow the shift to the next gear and you don't need to touch the clutch

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