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Methanol injection(snow performance)

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Hey guys,

so as you all know i’m from puerto rico and E85 is not available on the pump like in the states. To get to my whp goal which is 600whp on a sleeved b20b with arias pistons flat, scat rods, p8r head with BC valves, springs, retainers, BC stage 2 camshaft, bosch 1000 cc injectors, top mount turbo manifold, skunk 2 pro series intake and alpha throttle with a 3 inch exhaust and a lot of more goodies. They told me that the snow performance methanol injection kit should give me a few ponnies to help my goal. Since it’s cheaper than running ethanol here now i’m very intrigued and aiming towards it.

Any recomendations on other ways to achieve that goal? Or another kit like the aem one? What’s your experience with running methanol injection on a street car?

I used an Aquamist 1s on a 1.8T GTI with good results. Knock suppression was adequate and I ended up not installing a front mount intercooler because the water meth did the job. Kind of a pain to maintain though. Definitely wasn't running 600whp though, haha

I run a snow performance setup, have for a decade now. I upgraded to the 100psi controller after a year.

I am also running a 20v 1.8t vw engine from a 20th anniversary in my 84 Jetta GLi as Kaipyroami is.

Anyway, Get the largest reservoir you can. Buy VP m1 methanol, and mix by volume using ONLY distilled water. Make sure you have a nack pruge valve on the system so it isn't being sucked out during off throttle vacuum. Also having a warning system for when you're low on w/m or the pump isn't running,etc can be detrimental to your engine.

Start with a small nozzle, i prefer pre-tb as it has time to atomize and make an impact on IAT. get some logs without wmi in max heat conditions and then with. Compare the changes on timing, knock and afr. I personally don't like to tune my car or customer cars for max timing, etc with wmi. if you run out, have a pump failure, nozzle failure,etc and can't switch a non meth file. you could be in trouble either on track or having to limp home,etc.

I didn't pick up much whp, perhaps 15-20 MAX at my highest boost level. But, It helped smooth and raise my entire powerband and keep things safe and consistent. During 110 degree texas days, it's a big advantage. One thing to remember is if you spray too early it can hinder spool up.

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