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Mustang Dyno - Power Dyne Software Configuration Assistance

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A newbie to this forum...

Do you guys have any experience with Mustang Dyno's?..

I have a motorcycle version, These were sold with different software versions but I have upgraded to the latest Power Dyne version that I purchased from Mustang recently. The dyno is in very good condition.

There is very little information available on line in regard to the Power Dyne software except for the user guide. I have had some initial help from Mustang but they are not responding to my technical questions.

My basic issue is that the core software is operating well and controls the PAU no problem and records data on all channels etc (So very good diagnostics)

The control software then requests the PAU to respond to instructions to manage the braking force by delivering a 0-5v output to the power controller.

The PID values are pre set and configurable that attempt to keep the output aligned with the requests. And manage the PID error. These values are recorded as part of the data recording.

The issue is that the PID values that are the default (when you load the software you select the dyno model (btw: The motorcycle model is not listed).. so you select the MD250 model.. this loads default PID values for different testing / control modes.

On a run.. steady state or acceleration the error I receive is large and returns noise to the Dyno Output, Target and Error channels which overlays onto the torque values..

Resulting in a very noisy torque signal.. it is applying braking force but not in a controlled manner and the data is unusable.

The system also does not seem to be able to manage (ignores) ramp speeds if I set these to xRPM/Sec. I have a feeling this is related to the very noisy signal. It also ignores Inertia values if I change weights of the vehicle.

I would appreciate someone who has a Mustang Dyno using Power Dyne Software to take some screenshots of the Dyno PID values (All modes) you are using and also a screenshot of the Dyno Parameters screen and even by chance if someone has a sample motorcycle vehicle file that has inertia weights also...

I appreciate this is a bit long winded but I spent many years working on engine dynos with other software but I am a bit stuck here.

I don't really want to ditch the software that I purchased or the control and DAQ as it seems to have a lot of potential and capability but without the appropriate control it is unusable.

I look forward to any feedback or comments

Paul T

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just took a quick look at their website for the software and manuals for setting up PID controls and your pid values for that model of dyno are already wildly different to their manual photo around these pagesyou must have seen this already - but just in case


page 195 onwards has the setup for their pid controls / what recommended settings to use etc it looks like the example pics they have are the same model of dyno you say you have so bonus there :)

Youve done the reset to default settings bit they recommended? it doesnt zero out things - it restores their default tuning for pid controls. maybe a clean install and choosing the dyno from a list just loads in whatever junk is in a "blank" config file and the "reset to default" option is what actually configures the correct default settings? They do hammer in the manual that their default settings have been worked on a lot to get them to be correct for the dyno types they have.

I'd be worried if you'd talked to them and they had not walked you through this bit already tho...

If youve done that - and you have their hardware - is there any way to validate that the sensors on the dyno altho they are giving data - is it the correct data without any offsets or scaling or noise issues? Can you run shielded cables to stop "noise" getting into the signals from the hardware to the software? Is the dyno well maintained - correctly balanced - good bearings - no bent bits that would cause the roller to "grab" and give an unsteady signal etc etc?

I envy you having your own dyno to play with - and I also hope you get it working sooner than later as it would frustrate the heck outa me if i was in your position - "have the toys - but they dont run right - stress!!!" Owning my own dyno is on my bucket list even if its just so i can tinker around with things for myself only (or my friends - im not interested in owning a customer facing workshop)

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