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Need a help choosing between motec or halteck ECU

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I began with this couses because of a porject that i will begin. I'm making my project list but one thing i can't deside is what brand of ECU i will use . The ecu has to make the transition form N/A to A engine . The brands that i have tought about where Halteck and Motec, models i have already chosen. Halteck is the elite E1500 motec is the old version if i can still get it new M84 . Everything is in consideration .

The project that i will begin will be a hayabusa turbo bike .

Thanks for the help


Both are good options, but it will depend greatly on your budget. Personally, I'm building a ProEFI 112 system for my turbo bike. ProEFI is phenomenal system, you might look into it. Otherwise, it basically boils down to what exact features you require, and what your budget is.

As TwistedPerformance mentions, ECU choice comes down to features, budget and personal preference. Both the M84 and the Haltech Elite 1500 would be very capable choices for you.

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