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Hello, i'm almost a year in to owning my own shop, Working part-time after my regular job.

Due to some unforeseen delays due to Covid, Regular work and other the dyno build was left in limbo mode..

But now i have 2 pods ready and the other 2 is almost ready.

4x Klam CFK-550

SportDevices SP6 Controller.

I'm getting ready to do some marketing so i can get a running start into next year.

Do you have any tips and tricks for me?

Do you guys use Facebook and instagram?


Meet ups Like Cars'n'Coffee?

How did you guys gain the confidence of customers when startin out "new" in the industry?

I don't really want to take any POS of job just to make 5 cents. I have enough money in the bank to be a little more picky with customers but if that's the way to do it then i will consider it.

My pricelist is about level with other dynoshop in Sweden.

I have a few friends and customers that would be willing to do some photoshoot but thats about it when it comes marketing material.

Best Regards

always aim for quality and do your best work - and when your done - clean up the car and make it look super nice and presentable (leave the interior - thats the private area for the owner) but a clean up of any greasy hand marks, wash of the car and stuff - so they owner comes back and the first thing they see is "it looks so good" - first impressions count - doesnt matter if you double the horsepower - if they get it back looking dirty and smudged - they wont think too much - if it looks awesome and you double the horsepower - they will be that much more blown away. Go the extra mile because that will get you the word of mouth - you can charge for it sure - but make it something people will remember... Apply the same to your workshop - keep it clean and tidy - successful hermits can have a messy place - someone who wants to be picky and is just starting out wont get a lambo into a junk-pile filled workshop :)

build a shop demo car that does something different to normal so that it gets peoples attention - cover it in stickers and advertising for you - make sure its successful. and looks as close to perfect as possible - see the first point...

...or sponsor the tuning on some well known cars in the scene you want to break into/someone you know will make waves when they finish and start using their car - for free - but make he price be some windscreen banners / stickers that do advertising for you

Have an open workshop day/monthly dyno days to show off your quality - host a different car club each time of the types of cars you want to work with - supply the food and (non boozy) drink - everyone loves good food - make it a place they want to come back to - maybe offer a club discount (so you still make money of course - but so they feel they are getting a deal...)

dont price yourself so cheaply people think you wont be any good - or so expensive you compete against established workshops that are much larger with an existing reputation

have a social area in the workshop location "car lounge" area - magazines / seats / coffee machine / video games? - some of the most successful workshops i know have had people visiting all the time who were not working on their own cars - but were drawing their friends etc in with them - and then when they wanted to get work done - they already knew where to go - what the people were like etc.... balance this against getting work done tho.... gotta get stuff done at the end of the day

dont be afraid to teach people things - at the end of the day you'll have the dyno - they wont

be social - love what you do - show your competency - learn all you can all the time - he honest - fix your mistakes at your own cost

what sorts of things do you remember from your favorite workshops / tuners and why is that the case? why did you go back again and again to the same places?

these sorts of things should at least give you some sort of extra ideas on what can be done

Best of luck - I hope you do well in the future :)

Thx for reply :)

I will take everything you said into consideration and Pick the best option to start with:)

I hope this goes my way :)

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