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Nissan sr20

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Hi guys im from South africa

we dont really have allthe goodies u have that side and everthing needs to be imported and with our current exchange rate things are really expensive

with that said i have a nissan 180sx s13 with a SR20det s14 motor in it

i would really like some advice on the correct ecu to use for i where i can add air temp , knock control , etc and still wire the ecu in from scratch cause this is a motor swop and the stock harnass is not used ,

The SR20 isn't a particularly advanced engine and as such it will be able to be supported by practically any aftermarket ECU on the market. It's very difficult to advise on a specific ECU as a lot comes down to price, availability and personal preference. I'd probably recommend you consider one of the ECUs we use for our webinars as this will allow you to fast track your learning. The Haltech, Link/Vipec or AEM Infinity are all excellent options. The Motec M1 is a slightly higher price point and a little more complex to tune when you're just starting out.

Hey guys

Tx alot for replying

I have decided to go with the halltec elite 1500

As it offer more or less everything i need and want to add to the engine

Including flex fuel ,knock control etc .

There is some things that i am not sure about and would like to enquire

Is it possible to use a full sequencial setup using the factory cas as the only input ?

Is it possible to do to tuning and live data streaming / logging from a tablet or wireless device ?

Where can i find pins for the sr20 so that a can use the stock connectors without cut & joining wiring ?


The Nissan CAS will allow for sequential injection, however I would say that this is one of the most difficult sensors to work with that I've come across and is notorious for causing triggering issues at high rpm due to the high input count.

Many people switch to a crank trigger system if they are modifying the engine. The stock CAS will most likely be ok for a stock engine but particularly with aftermarket cams and valve springs the valve train harmonics can cause trouble.

I haven't looked into using a tablet so I can't comment on that sorry.

I'm not sure who I could recommend for wiring supplies in South Africa sorry. If you can't find anyone local it might be worth contacting Rywire in the US. They would happily ship international and should be able to supply Nissan connectors and terminals.

Yes you can with an ELITE 1500. Its a little bit of a workaround, what you do is get 4 PIN DTM connector for their CAN plug and wire in an OBD2 female plug on the other side which you can probably get on eBay. Elite can output standard OBD2 data thru their CAN.

Also on ebay or wherever get one of those cheap wireless Bluetooth or WiFi OBD2 interfaces that plug in. Now with any bunch of different apps on android or apple store you can use to watch or datalog onto your tablet. Matt from haltech told me they might have those cables available soon or if you contact them they will make it for you. Elite is an awesome ECU you will not be disappointed! I attached some pics I found on google to help you understand what im talking about.

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What about SR20VET? is it still not advanced enough? I think its not so advanced like hondas K20 or K24 but it has the same Vtec type cam engaging mechanism and NEO VVL for valve lift control.. I am already planing one for my 89 sentra but that would be definitely FWD project..

Having an ecu control vvl/vvti/vtec is quite simple, and most ecus can happily do that. All it really takes, having a spare output, and a keyed ignition source. On the haltech, you use a DPO (digital pulsed output). In the software you simply define it as vtec control, and give it an engagement point. When the engagement point hits, the output is grounded, completing the circuit. The idea is the same with toyota's vvti system. The only difference is that the output is pulsed with a frequency, rather than just simply grounding. The software is then defined as "vvti" and you will be given an intake target map (which will pulse the ecu at a duty cycle defined by you)

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