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Oill cooler with e85

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so me and the boys have been debating about oil coolers to run or not to run since we are on e85

one point was that with a cooler it may not let the oil heat up enough for the e85 evaporate from the oil

and others I have seen run on circuit hard racing for this eg I will use street tough drag car

What oil temperatures are you seeing now? That should be the determining factor on if you need an oil cooler.

I’m still building my car but most people see 60 degrees with cooler

I wouldn't use an oil cooler with 60 deg max oil temp. I would only use a cooler if the sustained oil temps were over about 120 degC. I like to see oil temps between 100 and 120c for maximum power.

As above. You can buy coolers with integrated bypass thermostats or inline bypass thermostats too. Probably worthwhile for the circuit guys.

Yeah just been told that cause I’ll be doing power cruise and events like that didn’t relise they make ones like that

60 degrees C is way to cool IMO.

I agree with David and you want it at around 100.

Inline thermostats, such as the very popular Mocal unit, will ensure that your oil can get hot enough while still maintaining the benefits of having a cooler when it's needed.

Has any one experienced issues with an oil thermostat not being able to get up to temp?

its a greddy spin on thermostatic valve, when street driving i struggle to get oil temps over 60'c, how ever on track i get to 91'c.

i dont think i can go to a smaller core due to needing the large cooler for track work. but im very surprised at my oil temp on the road

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