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Hello guys i am planing on opening a tuning shop, so i want a recommendation for the cheapest and best dyno!


Cheapest is never best.

What is your target clientele? 2wd, 4wd? high BHP or sub400? modern or older cars?

2wd, high hp cars both old and modern cars

How high are you talking? I chose a hub dyno because I work on 500+ bhp builds 80% of the time and I couldn't risk wasting time with tyres, straps etc.

small roller dyno's are a lot better than they used to be but I'm not sure where their grip levels are now, in Scotland dyno shops usually say there is wheel spin on RWD cars above 500bhp. FWD cars or mid engine RWD cars can usually get better grip but again since I'm using hubs I'm not sure where their limits are, I have seen other shops manage to see 6-700bhp

If you're wanting high horse power and 2wd I would look into a Mainline hub dyno. I maybe wrong but I believe I heard that their 2000HP Pro hub dyno is on special

For a hub dyno correct Mainline and Dyno Dynamics have hub dynos, if you are always going to be doing high fwd powered cars.

I have a awd dyno dynamics and have tuned 600whp Hondas with no issues, just have to know how to strap them down properly.

If your budget is tight, I'd suggest looking for a good second hand dyno. As mentioned by others, your choice will be driven by the power level you need to support. If you're below about 600 whp then a roller will be adequate (although you can push well beyond this depending on the tyre, wheel alignment, strapping technique and power delivery). Beyond this i'd consider a hub dyno from either Mainline or Dynapack. If you're tuning very high power cars then the dynapack will probably limit you as they will only support 4500 nm at the hubs which sounds a lot until you consider the torque multiplication of a gearbox and final drive. I think the highest power I recorded in 2WD on my smaller 4000 pods was about 1300 whp and that required a change in final drive to get there.

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