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Ok this might be a dumb question. And I’ll try and ask as clear as possible.

If i buy a link ecu that’s plug n play, let’s say for the 350z, is it possible to use that ecu with a different engine? Like can you re pin the oem harness connector, or make a adapter harness, or anything along those lines. Or is it just not possible and they ONLY work with the specific engine?

While I have never tried that, I don't believe they are locked to a specific base file or anything. That wouldn't be super helpful if that's what they did and say you changed to a trigger kit or displacement etc.

Link themselves would be the best to answer, their customer service is great.

I'm going to ask the obvious though lol, why? You could buy a wire in ecu and enable the 350Z CAN protocols, which be easier to make a harness for if you swapped in a different engine.

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