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Good Afternoon,

I've listened to every podcast so far and I think they are excellent. I couldn't find a thread for any podcast related discussions so figured I'd make one.

Interesting listening today regarding the miller cycle principles being utilised for the VSC Boxer engines. I'd heard of the Miller / Atkinson cycle before but honestly had no real understanding of it so I did as Andre suggested and Googled.

Assuming the engine is port injected, does this affect the atomisation of the fuel with the mixture being forced to do a 180 and head back out into the plenum, only to then turn around again when the valve opens? Seems like an odd way to be efficient to push fuel back into the plenum, but then I guess that fuel/air mis is used on the next cycle so the injector will not need to inject as much fuel. Or are most of these engines direct injected?

Anyway thanks for the thought provoking drives home.

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