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Rb25det s2 auto problems

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I have tryed to google and post in multiple forums on the problem i have with a 1997 c34 stagea with a rb25det s2 Auto.

The problem is thqt the car is pulling timing when cold, and missfires on puls.

When car is started up, the car wil stop revving at around 3000rpm, and wil just stop pulling so i have to w8 5minutes befoe i can start drivig.

Then the second problem apares at 4-4500 rpm. The car then locks at that rpm, builds boost but puls timing from 30 ish to 15, sounds like you ar ehitting launche controll since it locks exactly at 4500.

But when car is warmed up its "fine" exept for the sligth missfire.

I have changed the MAF 2-3 times with know good once, no change.

Changed cas, no change

Changed coils, no change.

Changed ecu, no change

Got an AFR gauge in the car and the car is not leen

Car is on stock 0v300 ecu, 3" exhaust and an open air filter.

I have been thinking of putting a max ecu sport since that can controll the auto box, but dont feel like spending 1500$ for it not to work.

Any sugestion is apprrciated! (Exept for "just manuel swap it bro")

Is this a problem that had developed during you possession or has always done it? Sounds like it may be cold engine protection and an overboost protection?

Its been like this for a few years, and its been so long that i cant remember.

Car had a boost gauge and usaly not reading higer then 0.4 and 0.7, but its a old 90s ecu so who knows,

I have read out error codes with the NDSI app and dont get any error codes

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