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Request for opinions about dyno software development

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I started to build a chassis dyno + control electronics + software just for fun with some friends a few years ago but as things progressed it became more professional (most of us have technical background in all terms or contacts to ask help) and we think that in a short future if we can get a sellable product could be nice to try.

So regarding software, what are the features of your dynos that you couldn't live without them our you would wish to have? focusing on chassis dynos for tuning a car, forgetting engine dynos with all their own specific controls.

for the moment we have:

- eddy current brake control + loadcell

- steady state (here I think a lot can be done to help reducing tuning times, for the moment very basic, just torque read and rpm set)

- ramp with prefixed brake % vs rpm, or pid control with desired rpm/sec

- basic chart comparison

we have many pending things, like CAN integration with some ecus, devices, O2, etc..

thank you in advance!

ramp rate curve to emulate on track acceleration rate? get the curve from scraping info from a datalog on a trackday?

ramp rate that is based on number of stable o2 samples at a given rpm - eg "i want 30 o2 samples per rpm step" sorta thing?

custom rpm steps from a table that would match the axis in the tuning software? eg on its ramp - it stops at each step and captures x number of samples as an average? has to be a smooth transition between steps tho - i can only imagine how nasty it would be to be under full load and suddenly jump 500rpm and hard stop the rpm for the next step...

canbus interface to read from various ecu streams to overlay onto the dyno screen - or to output current torque to the can stream so that the ecu can log it and display it on the tuning software? (you did mention can integration already tho)"for the pretty graph customers want"

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