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SC300 Build Thread - Holset H1C/Infinity-6/E85 Coming Soon

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Hi Everyone -

Just wanted to start a thread to share my current project and all of the stages of work that it has gone through...

Very first night I picked her up. I got her for $1400 :)

It was wayyy too low on a ridiculous shock/spring setup (that setup is long gone now!)

Getting rid of the nasty interior

Out comes the engine, ran perfect @ 220k miles

The cousin helping me out

Time for new motor mounts!

Found a R154 transmission with the 7M bellhousing on it for $500.00. Had no grinds/issues!

Cutting out the clutch master cylinder body imprint out (since this SC300 was an automatic from the factory)

Here is the engine + trans mated

Custom Hybrid Wiring Harness by Tweaked Performance

New Driveshaft Adapter/Bolts

Fresh out of the paint booth

Aluminum Overflow tank

That's pretty much where this project is at right now. I'm currently in the process of converting to a single turbo (Holset H1C). Once all exhaust/piping has been mounted, I will then get the AEM Infinity-6 wired in and hopefully have the car running on pump gas

Impressive build, the Soarer is what we've used for the last 3 years in competition, great solid cars

Nice work. You have a solid base for a great project. Keep the pictures and information coming.

Thanks Andre, and will do!

Here is the turbo, brand new from the Dodge Dealership:

So my AEM Infinity-6 came in today. Other accessories/sensors include:

Plug and Pin Kit

ProEFI 5 BAR MAP Sensor

AEM Intake Air Temperature Sensor

ProEFI Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (3 port)

Wideband O2 Extension

Also ordered an AEM UEGO Wideband. The roll cage is getting installed in the next week or so as well, so can't wait to see how that turns out.

Just found some old pics of the Soarer we used in competition.

IMG_8410 by chr154bes, on Flickr

IMG_8607 by chr154bes, on Flickr

Whats your target power? What transmission will you be using?

Very nice Soarer! Looked like it had no problem getting sideways at a high rate of speed :P

For my transmission, I'm running an R154 out of an MK3 supra. I haven't gotten a proper clutch setup yet as I'm running a six puck setup right now. I'm hoping to get the twin disk/flywheel option and combo that Clutchmasters has (and they are local to me which makes it even easier). That clutch setup will be rated for 1100 WHP.

Power-wise, I will be aiming for 750 WHP on 100% E85. I'm going to run Bosch 1150cc High Z injectors along with a MagnaFuel Pro Tuner 750 pump and would like to run the entire setup @ 43.5 PSI.

But for now, I just want to get the Infinity-6 wired up and running just to make sure that there are no other issues with anything else. In the meantime, the car is getting the rollcage installed along with an interior paneling, etc.

Yeah it was a bit of an animal, started off life as an auto then used the R154, the engine was ripped out, stripped down, tested treated and built back up. It's now in an FD RX7, wiring gets finished this weekend and tuning the week after, then it's fun time! We're only taking it to 500hub hp, for racing, it's getting a of some description so should make it with ease.

The R154 has its limits and your target power is way beyond them if your going to be shifting gears into peak power bands, we ripped the teeth clean off 3rd accelerating from a standing start, not pushing overly hard. The car was used for solely drifting then putting out approx 480 @ the hubs


Hmm that sounded expensive! I will baby this transmission as much as possible in hopes that it will last me awhile. I will not be flat foot/power shifting through gears either in hopes of adding to the longevity life of this transmission.

There are guys out here who have been able to push 800 WHP w/ an R154, but they are street-only driven cars and not competition-purpose built. Either that, or the load on the dyno was turned way down haha :)

To be honest the R154 probably can take a lot more power than we were running but just not the abuse that it got during competition level drifting. It was replaced with a V161 which needed a few custom bits fabricated to allow it to fit, a billet prop extension for one, it's a good thing the team owners also own a C&C machine shop

A few more updates - My turbo, manifold, and external wastegate combo just finished @ Doc Race. The manifold was back-purged and also was made from Schedule 40 301 stainless steel:

Gonna be a beautiful milspec setup:

I'm not sure if it's just my tablet or your links but I can't see the picture,which is gutting as I love the work from DOC

Ok, I just attached them, so you'll probably just have to enlarge them when viewing. The manifold is absolutely beautiful

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