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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I just wanted to ask what software everyone prefers...thanks

It depends on what is being tuned (meaning what ECU/PCM is being tuned)

For non flash ECUs on GM products I prefer Kalmaker, after that I would probably choose EFILive (never used it though).

For EEC Ford ECUs I prefer Tweecer (I'm not sure what I would use in modern non-EEC Fords I'm stuck choosing between SCT or VCM)

For Nissans I prefer NisTune.

Generally I prefer to stay with software that works with the OEM ECU.

Michael has pretty much summed it up. There is no single software solution that is all encompassing. The correct choice for you will depend what you're wanting to tune. If you can be a little more specific about the platforms you're wanting to support perhaps we can help you a bit more.

I may be looking too far ahead:) my main focus will be GM's but eventually I would like to do anything:) thank you both for your input

If your main focus is GM products you need to think about what GM products you want to tune.

For GM HP Tuners ir a good option or Diablosport. If you plan to tune Ford go with SCT.

For GM tuning most people use either HP Tuners or EFI Live.

Can I use my hexk2 cable for GM tuning?

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