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Hey guys, just wondering where you guys get your boost control Solenoids from? It seems almost every aftermarket electronic boost controller kit uses the Same MAC solenoid as well as Haltech which sells for $150.00 retail altho it does come with a Deutch plug Im sure you could buy the solenoid and plug alot cheaper elsewhere.

I see there is some avaliable on ebay:


not 100% sure if they are the right model tho? Actually the above is for a 24volt, this one is 12V


The MAC valves are a popular and cost effective option. I buy them locally through a compressed air controls company for about $65 NZD or thereabouts. Be careful not to end up with the 24V version though. We got a shipment of them by accident and unsurprisingly they don't work too well with 12V :(

"The MAC valves are a popular and cost effective option"

Forgive me if mistaken but that sort of made it sound like there is also other options? is that the case or is a MAC valve your goto device for controlling boost?

You actually made me think a little there Viper - Yes I would have to say it is our 'go to' product but there are other options on the market such as the GM solenoid Motec sell.

The MAC solenoid works, it's reliable, and it's relatively cheap. The other aspect I like is that they have 1/8 BSP threaded ports which gives you the flexibility to use AN fittings if you choose. Some of the solenoids I've used like the GM product really limit you to 'push on' hose barbs which might be fine for a street car running 20 psi but isn't my preferred technique on drag cars running 40+ psi.

Thanks, After alot of searching managed to find a supplier right here in Perth! for $58.00AUD exact same valve you get in most boost control kits.

For those in Perth who are interested here is the link:


You need to make an account to be able to see the prices and order online, Or you can just call them.

Which AN hose size do you recommend Andre?

I always use -4 hose in teflon braid. This is the same sort of hose used for clutch/brake lines so if you can run enough boost to exceed it's capabilities you have my respect! ;)

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