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Hi all i race a nissan pulsar n14 with sr20ve p11 in speedway 4cylinder class it is standard at moment can any one giude me the the right dierection for more power the class is no turbos but can do anything to engine.the front runner in the class is running a ford seria rs5000 cosworth engine with the works done to it by esslinger running on methonal think it is a mustang engine xt4 or something like that. 2.4l.

thanks shawn

Why don't you give us more background on what you have done to the engine already? Reducing intake and exhaust restriction are the basics. SR20VE is a weird engine with not much aftermarket support.

Hi raymond as i said the motor is of the shelf standard engine nothing has be done yet.this is why i was asking for some input on what is the best way to unleash some more power.

1 standard engine

2 standard ecu

was thinking of running engine on e85.not sure what after market ecu to run,cams as in what grind.as not all the tracks car is raced on are flat some are on a side of a hill.mother moutain gyimpe q.l.d great track to race on but engine is a bit slow picking up power down low to pull up hill out of hair pin corner.

any input greatly apreciated.

reguards shawn

If it's literally stock, the first thing you want to do is completely replace the exhaust from the header back, and replace the intake system with a low restriction system. That's relatively easy and cheap. You're talking $1000 USD maybe. When you start talking an E85 switch, cams (are they even available without a custom grind?), etc you have a huge bump in cost. I mean you're talking way more than the car is worth.

SR20VE is very capable engine, You can upgrade to sr16 N1 Cams, Xcessive intake Plenum, Tri Y headers and a 3" exhaust to start. For example my B13 Sentra made 170whp on my Mainline Dyno, about 200WHP Dynojet with basic bolt ons, Stock b13 maf (alot smaller than VE MAF) EBAY SSAC headers and Megan Racing 2.5" exhaust, N1 Cams and my tune using NISMOTRONIC.

Pardon my ignorance of the SR20VE but what parts for an SR20DE carry over to an SR20VE?

hi ray the engine short block the oil pumps are greater volume in ve .exhaust manifold/extractrors and intake manifold .i have been told the inlet manifold that raps under on front wheel drive engine gives good air flow for standard.

not sure what elese swaps over as i havent done that swap.

You can use a header and exhaust parts (turbo manifolds etc) but cams, intake manifold and heads are all different. As far as bottom end, the oil pump is different and the pistons as well.

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