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sti grb hatch (jdm 2.0) tgv valves

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Quick question - does anyone have knowledge about the tgv valves on the ej motor in this model of sti?

Some people say that the valves have the flaps, some people say they have no flaps and its just a rod in place - i can see that the tgv manifold part exists on this car and seems to have wiring going to it - but i dont know the valves exist in this car for sure and i dont want to have to pull the manifold apart to find out.

Do any of the subaru people on here know 100% for sure about this?

The car is a 2007 jdm sti grb hatchback with the 2.0 engine not the 2.5


Physically looking would be the only way to know for sure, but in case it eases concern for the flaps potentially being there, people have made 600 HP with them in place.

The main reason i wanted to find out is that the link ecu i have in the car is not controlling them at all at the moment.

Thanks heaps for the input Mike! I'll maybe experiment and pull in the control strategy Adam@Link uses on his base map and see if anything changes at all on the car for driveability or fueling when thats enabled.


Got it thanks! An easy test is running them open vs. shut for a WOT pull.

I'd do it with full time closed loop fueling of significant range i.e. +/-15% to keep things on target, but you'll see a big shift in the trim required to hit target.

Beyond that, running flaps closed at idle, open otherwise, will simplify your tuning process in a non emissions controlled environment with a standalone ECU, while actually having little impact on emissions based on some lab testing I've done.

Is the link not Controlling or just not caring. The factory ecu not only sends power to the TGV's to operate them, but also then monitors their position which is how it controls them during idle, then wot etc.

While i'm not sure about Link, i know Haltech just sends power to the TGV's when the ignition is on and just pegs them open all the time. So it doesn't need to monitor them, or control. Just give it voltage and hold them open

Our own JDM GRB test car certainly has them in place and our base map is set up to control them pretty much the same as the factory ecu controls them. The help file describes the control strategy fairly clearly. I didnt need to pull anything apart, it was pretty obvious they were present and functioning in our car as it would be so lean it would barely run I forced them open when cold (this is why there is a 4D fuel table set up referencing TGV position in our base map. You can view or log TGV position on each bank to confirm the shafts are physically moving.

Paul the stock ECU actually doesn't use the position sensor data to control the flaps. Position data is only used for error detection.

Since the stock ECU isn't closed loop controlling them, that's not something lost with simple output control.

Thanks heaps everyone, I'll have a fiddle this long weekend coming up and see how things go :)

Cheers heaps!

And thanks to Adam for confirming things against your grb as well !


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